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B 6F Official Form 6F 12/07 In re Debtor Case No. if known SCHEDULE F - CREDITORS HOLDING UNSECURED NONPRIORITY CLAIMS State the name mailing address including zip code and last four digits of any account number of all entities holding unsecured claims without priority against the debtor or the property of the debtor as of the date of filing of the petition. The complete account number of any account the debtor has with the creditor is useful to the trustee and the creditor and may be...
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Comments and Help with 6fb

Who needs a B-6F form?

Schedule F on the B-6F form is completed by debtors who want to eliminate consumer and medical debts. The schedule is a part of the official form 6F and one of the bankruptcy forms.

What is the purpose of the B-6F form?

The schedule F contains the information about creditors holding unsecured non-priority claims. It’s very important for the debtor to list all the appropriate creditors in this form for all his debts to be discharged. The information from this Schedule is required by the US court and will prevent the creditor to file a case against you.

What documents must accompany the B-6F form?

This schedule is only a part of the official form 6F, so it has to be accompanied by all other required documents and schedules. The debtor should also attach the credit card statements and credit report.

When is the B-6F form due?

The Schedule F must be submitted together with the corresponding bankruptcy form. The estimated time for completing the form is 15 minutes.

What information should be provided in the Schedule F?

The debtor has to indicate the following details:

  • Name
  • Number of the bankruptcy case
  • Creditor’s name, mailing address, account number
  • Codebtor
  • Husband, wife, joint, or community
  • Date the claim was incurred
  • Contingent claim (place an X)
  • Unliquidated claim (place an X)
  • Disputed claim (place an X)
  • Amount of claim
  • Total amount of claims (the amount should also be reported on the Statistical Summary)

If the debtor has no creditors with unsecured claims, he should check the box above the table.

What do I do with the Schedule F form after its completion?

The completed form is attached to other schedules and filed with the court. The debtor has to keep one copy for personal use.

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